Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Is Coming!

Wow I'm just thinking that maybe I couldn't have chose a worst time of the year to start trying to loss weight!  I started cutting out sweets and stuff right before Halloween and now with Thanksgiving just a couple days away I'm starting to realize that in my family this is gonna be a hard fight!  We always have a few different pies and alot of food.  I haven't started getting anything ready except for the turkey out thawing.  I'm not wanting to start the pies tomorrow cause I know I will be tempted to eat a piece, its already bad enough that we have my grandfathers birthday cake sitting around!  I know that when it comes to eating Thanksgiving dinner I am going to have to eat small portions of everything and I am so think of just cutting the pie out all together.  Ugh the holiday season is the worst time to try to loss weight and get into shape but I guess its a great way to learn self-control! 

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