Monday, June 27, 2011

Last Monday Of The Month ~ Time To Set A New Mini Goal.

I wanted to do this soooo bad last night but I needed to wait till this morning when I weighed myself so I could set a reasonable goal for the month of July.  Well I now weigh 195.8 pounds, thats the lightest I have been since I was pregnant with my son back in 2008!  Anyway... So now that I now where I am roughly starting at for the month I can set my goal, if I go by loosing 1 to 2 pounds per week that would be 5 to 10 pounds to lose by August 1st (First Monday of the month). So I would need to weigh in at anywhere from 190 to 185 on the 1st of August! I would so love to be 175 by then but its not reasonably possibly nor would it be healthy to lose that much that fast.  In order to do that I would need to drop 20 pounds or 4 pounds a week, I guess it could be possible to do it a healthy way but I would have to work my ass off and eat mainly fruits and veggies which everyone knows I have to have a good helping of meat in my diet or I go insane lol. Anyway wish me luck cause this morning I started my first day of daily doubles! Although this mornings workout was cut short Im not too worried since we go back to night.  My workouts for this week will be as follows: 45 minute walk, 15 minutes on the elliptical, 60 minutes of strength, 15 minutes on elliptical. That will be done twice a day Monday thru Friday, Saturday I will only do a morning workout and next week on will be only morning workouts. 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

First mobile post! May be short

So this is my first mobile post and i chose this blog to do it in. This may be super short cause of that. Anyway i have been thinking of taking advantage of my last week without my son. I plan on the early morning workout six days a week but also im thinking of for this next week of doing it in the evening also.  Im not sure if i really want to but just for a week it may be doable. It may even help me more and jumpstart what i need my body to do even better. So anyway just thought i would throw that out there.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Week Coming To An End

Its Friday evening and tomorrow is my last workout for the week! Im so looking forward to it.  It means I can sleep in Sunday lol tomorrow there is an activity going on here, its the Kinzue reunion (for those that dont know Kinzue in an old logging community that shut down long before I was born, its where my grandfather was raised and my moms boyfriend lived). Anyway my mom is coming tomorrow so I may not get my evening walk in tomorrow and probably will not be eating very healthily :(  Im sad about that but I have to do my best to stay on track.  Anyway I pushed myself hard today on the elliptical and on my second 15 minutes I managed to break 200 calories burned! I promised myself I would break 200 before the end of the week and I did it, I want to try to break 200 on both 15 minute sets tomorrow.  It will be great for me and help me out alot if I can.  I also keep adding more and more strength exercises to my workout and Im now doing 15 minutes on the elliptical, 60 minutes of strength and 15 minutes of elliptical.  Oh well its better for me cause muscle burns more fat and calories.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Correction This Is My New Plan LOL

Ya so I have dumped some parts and added to other parts of the plan I talked about on Monday.  First with the elliptical ~ I stated last time that I would be doing two 30 minute intense workouts on it but have cute it down to two 15 minute intense workouts with a goal to burn at least 200 calories per 15 minutes before upping to either a longer time or higher resistance.  Second my strength training ~ I had my typical routine that I had been sticking to since I started working out but I have been slowing adding more strength exercises to were I am up to training for 45 minutes a day.  Today's morning workout marked half way for the week, or 3 our of 6 workouts.  Im glad that I am finally sticking to this and all I keep saying to myself is that I will be better when I reach my goal.  I also think I will start posting pics of my scale weekly too but have to wait till Monday for that.

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Plan

So I have yet to be able to fully stick to a plan for an entire week.  So I will make it easy from here on out. This morning was a 5 am wake up with us out the door by 5:45 and at the gym a little later then I wanted at 7.  We walked two laps around town for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes then I did 15 minutes of high intensity on the elliptical and 30 minutes of strength training (also our afternoon walk of 45 - 60 minutes).  So I have decided to do the same thing everyday, 6 days a week till its no longer effective and then I will change it up.  So from here on out I will get up at 5am, drink my protein shake at 5:30, out the door at 5:45 for a 45 minutes brisk walk, then hit the gym at around 6:30 for 30 minutes of high intensity on the elliptical, 30 minutes of strength training then another 30 minutes of high intensity elliptical.  Fingers crossed I stick to this plan.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Well Oops LOL

Ya so with starting back up with daily workouts I figured I would have no problem doing them since its now in the am and Im more then anything a morning person.  Anyway yesterday was more then anything a cheat day for me and today is looking like being one too.  Yesterday we got up early like planned but I cut my gym workout short since we were to be heading out of two.  Only got in the 45 minute (roughly) walk around town but then only did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I figured with all the walking I would be doing around Costco, Wal-Mart, Safeway and varies other places I would be fine. I also figured that I would have no problem eating good.  Boy was I wrong on that.  I ended up going almost 1000 calories over my goal to eat and felt like shit by the time we got home. 

As for today since niether of us went to to bed before midnight last night I shut off my alarms and we slept in and I have no plans on working out today.  Im doing my best to watch what I eat but we brough home junk food and my willpower sucks.  Anyway I do feel good knowing that I have lost some weight and Im so hoping that I can finally keep it up and stick to it.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally AM Workouts Start!

This morning was the first time I have worked out in a week and my first AM workout!  I set my alarms on my phone for 5:15am, 5:30am and 6am, got out of bed at about 5:20 and was out the door about 6am.  Tim got up and we stuck Dante in the stroller and reclined the seat the entire way for him to snooze.  Went for a brisk 30 minute walk around town and at about 6:45 was in the gym and managed 30 minutes on the treadmill at an incline of 4 and speed of 3.5, but only got in 11 minutes on the elliptical cause Dante was getting restless.  Went for our evening 45 minute walk also so did pretty good today.  Im actually surprised how well I have felt for most of the day but I can tell I/my body is extremely tired from the early morning.  I so cant wait for my body to adjust.  I readjusted my alarms for 5am, 5:30am and 6am, so maybe that will be better, just I will just have to wait and see. Oh and I have practially tossed my workout plans, I more or less freestyle it now.  I still follow a general plan but not something strick now.  I plan on Monday/Wednesday/Friday to be my treadmill/strength training/elliptical days and Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday to be my pure cardio days with treadmill/stationary bike/elliptical days.  Anyway lets hope it does some good.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Been putting off new posts

I have so been putting off making any new posts cause what I want to write just all seems to be excuses now.  I havent worked out since Monday except for today and all I did was walk around town for 45 mintues.  Anyway there are two reasons as to why I havent been going to the gym in the evening with Tim.  One is that Monday evening when we were down there when we were finally alone I fought with Tim.  When we started out going down there it was to be our time, the three of us as a family doing something together.  But now there is this kid that has started going down there and Tim has practically took him under his wing and was total ignoring Dante and myself.  It was being left totally up to me to watch our son, which is so not easy when you are trying to workout.  So I blew up, I yelled and was pissy for the rest of the night and when the next night came I told him he could go alone.  Well the other reason is cause we got an email from on of the ladies that is kinda the head of the gym saying that people were complaining about Dante and that we were not watching him and that he was going to get hurt.  Well I know exactly who it is and well she is a bitch and I honestly dont think she likes me anyways.  Well first off Dante was always watched, yes he played on the equipment but he is 2 1/2 years old! There is no way we would be able to keep him from playing on or around the equipment.  Anyway I was pissed cause everyone knows that we do not have the extra cash to pay someone to watch Dante for the 2 hours 6 days a week and there is no way my grandfather would be able to watch him.  So I no longer want Dante in that gym.

So I decided that I need to keep up with my workouts so I was going to start going in the mornings at 6 am but I just cant make myself do it.  Wednesday mornings I slept through my alarms lol and this morning I got up at 5:30am and went into the bathroom and about 5 minutes later crawled back into bed.  Part of the reason for this morning was cause when I woke up part of my bottom lip was swollen and had/has my slightly worried, also its that time of the month and I just dont feel good. 

On the up side last week I lost almost 4 pounds, that more then I was aiming for and I am still tracking and recording what I eat.