Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally AM Workouts Start!

This morning was the first time I have worked out in a week and my first AM workout!  I set my alarms on my phone for 5:15am, 5:30am and 6am, got out of bed at about 5:20 and was out the door about 6am.  Tim got up and we stuck Dante in the stroller and reclined the seat the entire way for him to snooze.  Went for a brisk 30 minute walk around town and at about 6:45 was in the gym and managed 30 minutes on the treadmill at an incline of 4 and speed of 3.5, but only got in 11 minutes on the elliptical cause Dante was getting restless.  Went for our evening 45 minute walk also so did pretty good today.  Im actually surprised how well I have felt for most of the day but I can tell I/my body is extremely tired from the early morning.  I so cant wait for my body to adjust.  I readjusted my alarms for 5am, 5:30am and 6am, so maybe that will be better, just I will just have to wait and see. Oh and I have practially tossed my workout plans, I more or less freestyle it now.  I still follow a general plan but not something strick now.  I plan on Monday/Wednesday/Friday to be my treadmill/strength training/elliptical days and Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday to be my pure cardio days with treadmill/stationary bike/elliptical days.  Anyway lets hope it does some good.

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