Saturday, October 27, 2012

Been On A Workout Break

And still technically am. If you read or follow my other blog then you know why and on top of that I am also fighting off a nasty cold that my son brought home from school that i just cant seem to shake. We do have plans on picking up with week 6 when we start back but that probably will not be till November 6th which although not far away still seems like its forever away. 

Im really not looking forward to working out as it starts to get cold, yes the gym has heat but since its only a couple blocks from the house we walk there and walking in the cold with two little kids is not fun. I would be more then willing to get up early and go by myself in the morning that way the kids are still in bed and then Tim can go in the evening that way the kids dont have to leave the house but I just cant seem to get out of bed early when its cold. 

Anyway just thought I would check in and let those that are actively following know that I didnt forget to post or forget about the workout, just life happens and sometimes you have to walk away but we are not giving up.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 5 ~ TapouT XT

Day 29 ~ September 17 ~ Plyo XT
                September 24
~ *sigh* i get going good and get knocked right back on my ass :(  I may be out for the count this time. My right knee feels like its practically gone now. I knew months ago something was wrong but couldnt and still cant afford more unpaid medical bills, well looks like i dont have a choice now. It doesnt hurt during daily life but once I start working out and putting weight/pressure on it it kills me and feels like there is nothing there holding it and then when i sit it looks like its filled with fluid or something so im just not sure. I got half way through week 5 day 1 Plyo XT before we stopped. My fiance is going to see if he can get me into our local clinic after our son goes to school. Im hoping its just fluid build up and nothing major that may requires surgery or anything.
~ Ok so we restarted week 5 today! Im still not 100% over my cold but Ive got my energy back which is good. I do know now not to take daytime meds right before working out, major hyper boost lol anyway after a week of not working out it felt good even if I had to still take it easy and not fully do the whole thing. Now im looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 30 ~ September 18 ~ Ripped Conditioning + Ultimate Abs
                September 25
~ 30 Day weigh-in ~

Rather sucks, Dante got pretty sick maybe 10 minutes into the workout and we had to stop. Only crappy part is I think I feel like Im getting it too and I will probably get it pretty bad.We did weigh ourselves and do photos but no measurements.
~ Wow nice workout! Im able to keep pace and do the full workout but with a few extra breaks due to still having phlegm in my throat from my cold. But Im more looking forward to tomorrow then anything!

~ Day 30 Stats ~

  • Weight ~ 228.4
  • Jean Size ~
  • Chest ~ 42
  • Bicep ~ 14
  • Waist ~ 48
  • Thighs ~ 21

Day 31 ~ September 19 ~ Muay Thai
                September 26
~ Still by far my favorite workout! But man did I not realize just how sore the back of my arms were from Ripped Conditioning lol I really cant wait to be able to buy some weighted gloves and really make my arms work, I also want to buy a couple sets of resistance bands and leg bands for Tim and I but that may not happen till next year since I have Halloween costumes to buy and then Christmas and bday gifts to try and buy.

Day 32 ~ September 20 ~ Yoga XT
                        September 27

Day 33 ~ September 21 ~ Legs & Back 
                September 28

Day 34 ~ September 22 ~ Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs
                September 29

Day 35 ~ September 23 ~ Rest Day
                September 30
~ Ok you will have to forgive me cause I didnt keep up with my post and updating each day after my workout :(  Anyway will remember to keep updated from here on out :)

Week 6 ~
~ Plyo XT
~ Ripped Conditioning + Ultimate Abs
~ Cross Core Combate (will probably be combined with yoga due to being out of town)
~ Yoga XT
~ Buns & Guns + Ultimate Abs
~ Sprawl & Brawl
~ Rest Day

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 4 ~ TapouT XT

Day 22 ~ September 3 September 10 ~ Competition Core
~ Week 4 has official started and im counting down the days till day 30 and our next weigh-in. Although Im scared for it, I dont feel like Im losing anything in either pounds or inches but then it can take up to 12 weeks for changes to be seen and thats still along way to go. Tim and I talked and we think we will do a year straight of TapouT which Im really excited about that.
~ So as you can tell dates have been crossed out and post has been crossed out. Last week got seriously screwed up and was only able to complete two days of it so we decided to just restart it. I will say that Im surprised that I will push myself to the point that I feel the burn but i dont sweat that much or at least not to were i notice it. I dont even feel sore the next day anymore and Im not sure if thats a good thing or not.

Day 23 ~ September 4 September 11 ~ Buns&Guns + Ultimate Abs
Well barely made it through buns&guns but didnt make it through ultimate abs. Im not sure what is wrong but everytime I move, talk, breath or do anything sharp pains shoot through my shoulder and up my neck. Im starting to think its not a pinched nerve but maybe has to do with how i am sleeping and the mattress. Im also shivering to the point i cant hold still. Im pushing through it all and doing every home remedy I possibly can cause we literally have no money and no insurance to pay for any medical care. It sucks but I will not give up, I will take it easy and listen to my body but I will not give up.

On another note, today would have been our 30 day weight in and photos is we had worked out all last week like planned but since we skipped a week the weight in is being pushed to the 18th. 

Day 24 ~ September 5 September 12 ~ Muay Thai
~ This is by far my favorite workout! Its easy yet its hard. For once Im actually able to complete an entire workout and feel it and see the sweat. Im happy to say that Im glad my neck/shoulder loosened up and wasnt hurting when it came time. Although I believe it has something to do with how i sleep so i may be waking up in the morning stiff and in pain again. I think its time for a new mattress or something.

Day 25 ~ September 6 September 13 ~ Yoga XT
~ Totally kicked my ass! Yoga usually is pretty easy for me but apparently taking a week off did more then I thought. Only thing is Tim got a good laugh at me tonight, I went to go into one of the side plank moves and me not having the mats braced they moved out from under me and down i went. Although it either scared Trystan or he thought I was hurt cause he started crying.

Day 26 ~ September 7 September 14~ Sprawl & Brawl
~ ...~ Dont worry I did the workout just forgot to post ~...~

Day 27 ~ September 8 September 15~ Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs
~ Ugg cardio cardio cardio lol wow. You start sweating before the warm-up is even over. I may say though I love it. Although the only problem is that I cant stand to work out in regular shoes, I cant stand my new skeletoes, I HAVE to be barefoot or Im not comfortable and dont feel like I can grip the floor or mats good enough to stabilize myself with doing some of the moves. Now the problem with that is that after a while my feet start to hurt :(  I can work through it and everything and soak my feet every night buts its just the whole mind over matter thing. Oh well...anyway 30 day weight-in and measurements are Tuesday!

Day 28 ~ September 9 September 16 ~ Rest Day

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 3 ~ TapouT XT

Day 15 ~ August 27th ~ Cross Core Combat
~ I am kinda sad to say that I was not able to start my early AM workouts this morning like I wanted but that is partly because my 7 month old (as of today) Trystan decided that bed time was not till midnight last night, so there was no way I was getting up to workout after only 4 and a half hours of sleep. I am actually getting ready to head to bed right now at 10pm so I can get up early. Im kinda nervous and excited to starting my solo early morning workouts. At least this way I will most likely be the only one in the gym and wont have to worry about looking like an idiot in front of anyone.

Day 16 ~ August 28th ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
~ Forgive me this may be short, Im trying to get to bed early so I can get up early and there is a scream 7 month old. Anyway Tim and I will both be most likely feeling this workout in the morning, we both get snapped by the resistance bands. He got it pretty bad on the back and I got it on the butt and back before it tangled in my pony tail, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway that will teach us not to use the bands without shoes.

Day 17 ~ August 29 ~ Plyo XT
~ Im still sore from yesterday and im even more sore now from today! Ive given up on trying to do AM workouts this week, I may try next week but for now its pointless cause between the two kids they wont let me go to bed early or get much sleep. oh well at least with doing the workouts in the evening its allowing me to go into a deeper sleep.

Day 18 ~ August 30 ~ Yoga XT
~ Had to skip todays workout, will be getting up in the early morning and doing it.

Day 19 ~ August 31 ~ Legs & Backs
~ Two workouts in one day to catch up, hopefully NEVER again!!!!!!! Im beat, im sore just sitting here lol thankfully tomorrow is sprawl and brawl then rest day. I also was able to order two sets of puzzle mats, each set contains 6 2'x2' squares that connects together so with the two sets we will have an area of 6'x8' covered with mat. We also ordered Fila Skele-toes shoes and toes socks to go inside of them. We still have some things that we need for our workouts but they will have to wait.

Day 20 ~ September 1 ~ Sprawl & Brawl
~ Well tonights workout was kinda a bust, I messed up my shoulder somehow with about 15 minutes left to the point that I could put any weight on it. Then when I tried to I ended up hurting my wrist. Made sure I came home and took a warm bath to let my shoulder soak. My shoulder was feeling better by the time I went to bed so thats good.

Day 21 ~ September 2 ~ Rest Day
~ Rest day and totally needed after last night. Woke up with my shoulder stiff and hurting when I would move it, been up for a while now and its better. Guess thats a hint to take it easy and not push past my boundaries. Oh well Im pretty well looking forward to week 4 since there are two new workouts.

Day ~ 22 ~ Competition Core
Day ~ 23 ~ Buns & Guns (NEW) + Ultimate Abs
Day ~ 24  ~ Muay Thai (NEW)
Day ~ 25 ~ Yoga XT
Day ~ 26 ~ Sprawl & Brawl
Day ~ 27 ~ Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs
Day ~ 28 ~ Rest Day

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 2 ~ TapouT XT

Day 8 ~ August 20th ~ Competition core
~ Im glad to say that I was able to complete at least 85% of the workout tonight! I was so happy, it felt good. Im starting to get more flexible but my stomach is still preventing me from doing a lot of good moves and my arms are till crap. Also Im starting to have issues with my knee again, I though it was healed and that i would not have any future problems but i was wrong. It really started hurting and just about buckled under me. I hope that maybe i can push through it and strengthen my knee or get to were I can wear my brace. Either way this isnt good.

Day 9 ~ August 21st ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
~ With the two videos combined I was able to complete maybe a total of 80% of it all. My arms/shoulders are killing me and are tired. Im starting to be able to do a lot more of the moves although I can only do a few of them at a time but its still progress. Im trying to push myself but Im not wanting to push myself to the point of getting hurt which is hard. Tomorrow is the 10th day, will be redoing my stats and my ten day pics, not looking forward to that cause I know I havent changed much.

Day 10 ~ August 22nd ~ Plyo XT
~ DAY 10 STATS ~ 
  • Weight 231.8
  • Jeans 19
  • Chest 45 inches
  • Bicep 15 inches
  • Waist 48.5 inches
  • Thighs 22.5 inches
Can you see a difference? I can!

Day 10 of Tapout XT is complete, Plyo XT is complete! I was able to complete roughly 90% of it and was shiny and sweaty at the end. Feels good to be able to do more and more and more. Cant wait till Day 30 now.

Day 11 ~ August 23rd ~ Yoga XT
~ Gotta remember what Mike says during the dvd, yoga is all about me and what I can do. I need to slow down and not push past my limits, only do what I can do. I think I may have pulled a muscle in my arm/shoulder :(  its slightly sore and Im hoping its better in the morning.

Day 12 ~ August 24th ~ Legs & Backs
~ Forgive me if my updates become short, Im getting bored with my blogs again and I will blame my ADHD. I have not wanted to workout the past couple days but I make myself anyway, its been cooling off here and Im practically cold blooded so when i get cold its hard for me to warm up or want to do anything. I rather hate it. As for tonights workout, I did it but it doesnt feel like i did much cause we had to keep stopping and dealing the the boys. Ugg anyway I need to go curl up in bed cause Im FREEZING!

Day 13 ~ August 25th ~ Cardio XT + Ulitmate Abs
~ OMG Im so looking forward to not having to workout tomorrow! Cardio can BITE ME!!!!!!!!!  Im tired, cold, sore and just really irritable right now.

Day 14 ~ August 26th ~ Rest Day
~ I cant wait to get a pair of weighted gloves, some puzzle mats and a different yoga mat. I have also spotted a pair of yoga gloves and socks on amazon that would come in handy for a lot of the moves in all the workouts. I have also came to the decision that I will be starting AM workouts tomorrow and getting up at 4:30am and starting my workout at roughly 5am. It may take a week or two to adjust to the early mornings but at least that way it will just be me working out and I wont have to deal with a 3 year old and now 7 month old.
~ Im doing better on my eating now too. Im still eating the same stuff just watching my portions and calorie intake very closely and I have added in a lot more fruits and veggies and drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 1 ~ TapouT XT

Day 1 ~ August 13th ~ Cross Core Combat
~ Wow I dont think Ive ever been so amazed at something lol i think for a good portion of the workout I stood staring at the tv like what the fuck lol. I didnt think it was going to be easy but I guess I didnt really realize just how difficult it would be. Im tired and going to be sore I know that for sure and Im actually looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 2 ~ August 14th ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
~ You know when you look at those resistance bands you truly dont think that they can or will do much but boy can I tell you they can be hell! We had two workouts tonight and the first one I managed to do roughly all of it with hardly any slack thankfully but I will so be feeling it tomorrow lol as for the second video we made it less then half way through cause Trystan started getting very upset so we had to head home but there is alway next time. Oh and neither of us are looking forward to tomorrow.
~ Ok so we have been home for an hour and Ive been sitting on the couch watching tv roughly the entire time and I just stood up to let the cat in and I can NOT move I already hurt so bad from the workout lol ya this is going to be a long program.

Day 3 ~ August 15th ~ Plyo XT
~ My body is killing me! It literally hurts to move, Im sitting on the couch not wanting to move, not wanting to do anything at all. Im pretty sure I didnt make it through even half of the workout tonight cause my legs gave out on me and didnt want to hold me up anymore and then I started feeling like I was going to puke. I had to stop, with my blood pressure issues I will not chance passing out. Im so thinking I wont be moving in the morning and will be thankful that tomorrow is yoga.

Day 4 ~ August 16th ~ Yoga XT
~ If you would have talked to me about mid day today I would have told you I would be putting this program on hold and not doing anything for a few days. Well apparently I managed to get a pinched nerve in my back, every move triggered a powerful very painful pain shooting up my back and causing me to not be able to breath. It sucked, I have never felt so much pain and this is coming from a women that only a few days after having my first c-section stupidly stopped my pain pills and then a week after my second c-section walked an easy 10 miles. We completed the video tonight but it only took us about 30 minutes longer then what the video actually is lol Im surprised that I rather enjoyed the parts of the video that I was able to do, although my arms wanted to give in on my so many times and i did collapse to the ground a few times.

Day 5 ~ August 17th ~ Legs & Back
~ Ok made it through day 5 thankfully and I cant at least count on Dante to cheer me on since he stands in front of me say 'you can do it; do it, do it' lol We have realized that we need to invest in some interlocking mats to use cause our hands and feet slip a lot which makes its almost impossible to do some of the moves. I have also realized that for the time being I will be seriously struggling to complete the workouts cause my arms and legs can not hold my weight for very long and that my breasts are seriously irritating obstacles and I have never wanted to be smaller/flatter chested more then I do now :( Its sad that for the first time I can look in the mirror and really see what I look like and Im honestly disgusted by how I look and what I have let happen to my body. This is something I never wanted to happen, I never wanted to by the fat, obese mother that cant run and play with her kids, the mother that sits on the sideline cause she gets out of breath when she plays with her kids. I would love to hide in a corner eating my emotions away but that wont help. They only thing that will help is being proactive, getting off my ass and making a difference in my life. Next step is over hauling what we eat every day which I hope wont be met with a lot of resistance.

Day 6 ~ August 18th ~ Sprawl & Brawl
~ Week one of workouts complete!  It sucks that I cant do push ups, cant hold my weight with my arms, cant do full sit ups. That means most of the video I physically can not do and if I cant work through this mental block that is kill me I will probably not make it. I cant see any results, I can feel it but I cant see anything. Im fighting the urge to step on the scale, but its best to wait till the 10 day mark, 30 day mark and 90 day mark.

Day 7 ~ August 19th ~ REST DAY
~ Its rest day and Im surprised that Im not as sore as I thought that I would be. My upper arms are sore from last night, thighs are slightly sore too but thats really it. I know that Im more tired then I have been since we first brought Trystan home. We have been looking over the Workout Calendar and talking to others that are doing the program and the program only gives you 84 days instead of 90 days so we have came to the conclusion (alone with others that are doing the same) that we will add an extra 6 days to the program and make it a full 90 day program and pick either a full week to repeat or pick out a program daily to do.

Week 2 Calender:
Day 8 ~ Competition Core
Day 9 ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
Day 10 ~ Plyo XT
Day 11 ~ Yoga XT
Day 12 ~ Legs & Backs
Day 13 ~ Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs
Day 14 ~ Rest Day

Monday, August 13, 2012

TapouT XT Starts Today!

And lets just say Im more nervous and scared then anything else. I was supper excited when it came in the mail and now that its time to start it Im scared. I have been lurking in the support group for it on Facebook and what some of the others that are doing it are saying about it I know I wont be able to make it through a full workout for some time but I guess as long as I push my self at it and do my best then thats all I can do and thats all that matters. 3 months/12 weeks/90 days. How ever you look at it, this will be a long journey and I hope it starts my new life that I need.

Week 1 Calendar

  • Day 1 ~ Cross Core Combat
  • Day 2 ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
  • Day 3 ~ Plyo XT
  • Day 4 ~ Yoga XT
  • Day 5 ~ Legs & Back
  • Day 6 ~ Sprawl & Brawl
  • Day 7 ~ Rest Day
Day 1 Stats
  • Weight ~ 233.6
  • Jean Size ~ 19/20
  • Chest ~ 44 inches
  • Bicep ~ 15.5 inches
  • Waist ~ 49 inches
  • Thigh ~ 24 inches

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Its Here, TapouT XT!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes thats right we received our TapouT workout in the mail today and I was more excited then Tim was lol

The program consists of 6 workout dvds each with two workouts and a bonus dvd, one resistance band, one training band, food and nutritional guide, 10-day slim down guide, workout calender for the entire 90 days with room to note your day one, day 10, day 30, day 60 and day 90 weight jean size chest bicep and waist measurements, workout towel and a TapouT XT decal. 

Workouts: Ultimate Abs XT, Legs and Back, Ripped Conditioning, Cardio XT, Muay Thai, Competition Core, Buns and Guns XT, Sprawl and Brawl, Yoga XT, Cross Core Combat, Plyo XT, and Strength and Force Upper. The bonus disc is Strike Training. 

Workout Calender I will list each weeks schedule each Monday, each week consists of 6 days of workouts and a rest day. There are a few days each week were you are to do more then one workout and those will probably be the days that I kill myself lol but we will see. 

The slim down guide and food guide I will probably not be following at least not the first time through just to see how my body adjusts to the workouts before totally shocking it with a drastic and super healthy change in diet. For now I will eat the same things just more healthier portion sizes. 

So hopefully in 90 days I will be down a good chunk of weight and on my way to a healthier and more active life 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Beginning Will Begin Soon!

Ive debated on whether I actually wanted to make this post today or wait till later in the coming week. I have obviously decided tonight that I will write it. So anyway for the last I would say month Tim has been bugging me about this new exercise program that is designed by a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter and has been wanting me to watch one of the infomercials about it. Well a few days ago I was super bored before bed and one happened to come on and it caught my attention. I was amazed at the stores I was seeing of people dropping weight and toning up that the next day I went onto the website and fell in love with it. Well after looking at how low the monthly payments for it were and then our budget I saw that it would fit into the little wiggle room that I leave each month. So today I ordered it and it would be the TapouT XT workout program. I wont get into much detail about it right now since its just about midnight here but its linked up so anyone that is interested can take a look.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weight Loss 2012 Begins!

Okay so looking back on my old posts in the blog I realize that I never posted about my 'medical issues'. Well what happened was that last June I became pregnant with out second child. I continues to workout for a few months into my pregnancy and managed to drop down to 188 pounds (pre-pregnancy weight was 200). I discontinued workouts when I started having health problems in my pregnancy, namely blood pressure spikes that started to put my life and that of my unborn son's life at risk, yes son we now have two boys. Anyway it came to end at 34 weeks and 3 days with my second emergency c-section which I was still terrified about and grieving over but at least my son and i are both here. Anyway Trystan Lee was born January 27, 2012 weighing just under 4 pounds. He was on room air after 24 hours and got to go home after just shy of three weeks in the NICU.  He is strictly on breast milk be it straight from the tap or pumped and bottle fed and as much as the pump is taking a toll on me i plan on him having breast milk for as long as possible.  

Anyway back to me and my journey. I initially started working out again last month but messed up my ankle that I stayed off it mainly till a few days ago when we started back at the gym.  We will be going 5 days a week for at least an hour, i will be back at my old routine of cardio and strength exercises. I also have plans on in the near future purchasing one of the Beach Body programs and using that as part of my cardio, possibly will start with Chalean Extreme.  

Current Weight 232.4
Goal #1 is 175
Goal #2 is 150
Final Goal is 135

For when I reach each one of my goals I want some way to celebrate, to reward myself but Im not fully sure what i want to do. I do now that along the way I will need new clothes so that will not be a reward but I do want more tattoos but I think it would be slightly redundant to have a tattoo at each goal, or well maybe not. Something I will need to think about I guess, anyway I plan on making a post once a week updating on my progress and I hope to drop one to two pounds a weeks so fingers crossed I can do this!
Yes I know the date is wrong, should be 6.16.12 but Im not sure what happened to mess it up will have to try to fix  that.

Frontal view, stretch marks are bad 

Side view, i can still easily pass a pregnant