Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weight Loss 2012 Begins!

Okay so looking back on my old posts in the blog I realize that I never posted about my 'medical issues'. Well what happened was that last June I became pregnant with out second child. I continues to workout for a few months into my pregnancy and managed to drop down to 188 pounds (pre-pregnancy weight was 200). I discontinued workouts when I started having health problems in my pregnancy, namely blood pressure spikes that started to put my life and that of my unborn son's life at risk, yes son we now have two boys. Anyway it came to end at 34 weeks and 3 days with my second emergency c-section which I was still terrified about and grieving over but at least my son and i are both here. Anyway Trystan Lee was born January 27, 2012 weighing just under 4 pounds. He was on room air after 24 hours and got to go home after just shy of three weeks in the NICU.  He is strictly on breast milk be it straight from the tap or pumped and bottle fed and as much as the pump is taking a toll on me i plan on him having breast milk for as long as possible.  

Anyway back to me and my journey. I initially started working out again last month but messed up my ankle that I stayed off it mainly till a few days ago when we started back at the gym.  We will be going 5 days a week for at least an hour, i will be back at my old routine of cardio and strength exercises. I also have plans on in the near future purchasing one of the Beach Body programs and using that as part of my cardio, possibly will start with Chalean Extreme.  

Current Weight 232.4
Goal #1 is 175
Goal #2 is 150
Final Goal is 135

For when I reach each one of my goals I want some way to celebrate, to reward myself but Im not fully sure what i want to do. I do now that along the way I will need new clothes so that will not be a reward but I do want more tattoos but I think it would be slightly redundant to have a tattoo at each goal, or well maybe not. Something I will need to think about I guess, anyway I plan on making a post once a week updating on my progress and I hope to drop one to two pounds a weeks so fingers crossed I can do this!
Yes I know the date is wrong, should be 6.16.12 but Im not sure what happened to mess it up will have to try to fix  that.

Frontal view, stretch marks are bad 

Side view, i can still easily pass a pregnant