Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 1 ~ TapouT XT

Day 1 ~ August 13th ~ Cross Core Combat
~ Wow I dont think Ive ever been so amazed at something lol i think for a good portion of the workout I stood staring at the tv like what the fuck lol. I didnt think it was going to be easy but I guess I didnt really realize just how difficult it would be. Im tired and going to be sore I know that for sure and Im actually looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 2 ~ August 14th ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
~ You know when you look at those resistance bands you truly dont think that they can or will do much but boy can I tell you they can be hell! We had two workouts tonight and the first one I managed to do roughly all of it with hardly any slack thankfully but I will so be feeling it tomorrow lol as for the second video we made it less then half way through cause Trystan started getting very upset so we had to head home but there is alway next time. Oh and neither of us are looking forward to tomorrow.
~ Ok so we have been home for an hour and Ive been sitting on the couch watching tv roughly the entire time and I just stood up to let the cat in and I can NOT move I already hurt so bad from the workout lol ya this is going to be a long program.

Day 3 ~ August 15th ~ Plyo XT
~ My body is killing me! It literally hurts to move, Im sitting on the couch not wanting to move, not wanting to do anything at all. Im pretty sure I didnt make it through even half of the workout tonight cause my legs gave out on me and didnt want to hold me up anymore and then I started feeling like I was going to puke. I had to stop, with my blood pressure issues I will not chance passing out. Im so thinking I wont be moving in the morning and will be thankful that tomorrow is yoga.

Day 4 ~ August 16th ~ Yoga XT
~ If you would have talked to me about mid day today I would have told you I would be putting this program on hold and not doing anything for a few days. Well apparently I managed to get a pinched nerve in my back, every move triggered a powerful very painful pain shooting up my back and causing me to not be able to breath. It sucked, I have never felt so much pain and this is coming from a women that only a few days after having my first c-section stupidly stopped my pain pills and then a week after my second c-section walked an easy 10 miles. We completed the video tonight but it only took us about 30 minutes longer then what the video actually is lol Im surprised that I rather enjoyed the parts of the video that I was able to do, although my arms wanted to give in on my so many times and i did collapse to the ground a few times.

Day 5 ~ August 17th ~ Legs & Back
~ Ok made it through day 5 thankfully and I cant at least count on Dante to cheer me on since he stands in front of me say 'you can do it; do it, do it' lol We have realized that we need to invest in some interlocking mats to use cause our hands and feet slip a lot which makes its almost impossible to do some of the moves. I have also realized that for the time being I will be seriously struggling to complete the workouts cause my arms and legs can not hold my weight for very long and that my breasts are seriously irritating obstacles and I have never wanted to be smaller/flatter chested more then I do now :( Its sad that for the first time I can look in the mirror and really see what I look like and Im honestly disgusted by how I look and what I have let happen to my body. This is something I never wanted to happen, I never wanted to by the fat, obese mother that cant run and play with her kids, the mother that sits on the sideline cause she gets out of breath when she plays with her kids. I would love to hide in a corner eating my emotions away but that wont help. They only thing that will help is being proactive, getting off my ass and making a difference in my life. Next step is over hauling what we eat every day which I hope wont be met with a lot of resistance.

Day 6 ~ August 18th ~ Sprawl & Brawl
~ Week one of workouts complete!  It sucks that I cant do push ups, cant hold my weight with my arms, cant do full sit ups. That means most of the video I physically can not do and if I cant work through this mental block that is kill me I will probably not make it. I cant see any results, I can feel it but I cant see anything. Im fighting the urge to step on the scale, but its best to wait till the 10 day mark, 30 day mark and 90 day mark.

Day 7 ~ August 19th ~ REST DAY
~ Its rest day and Im surprised that Im not as sore as I thought that I would be. My upper arms are sore from last night, thighs are slightly sore too but thats really it. I know that Im more tired then I have been since we first brought Trystan home. We have been looking over the Workout Calendar and talking to others that are doing the program and the program only gives you 84 days instead of 90 days so we have came to the conclusion (alone with others that are doing the same) that we will add an extra 6 days to the program and make it a full 90 day program and pick either a full week to repeat or pick out a program daily to do.

Week 2 Calender:
Day 8 ~ Competition Core
Day 9 ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
Day 10 ~ Plyo XT
Day 11 ~ Yoga XT
Day 12 ~ Legs & Backs
Day 13 ~ Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs
Day 14 ~ Rest Day

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  1. Oh man. There has been a lot of me cussing Mike out this week, and looking incredulously at the screen.


    Love it, though.

    Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope it's nothing too serious. If it does turn out to be serious, it's not the end of the road for exercise for you: there's always swimming, which is incredibly gentle on your joints.

    Good luck! I'll check in again soon.