Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 2 ~ TapouT XT

Day 8 ~ August 20th ~ Competition core
~ Im glad to say that I was able to complete at least 85% of the workout tonight! I was so happy, it felt good. Im starting to get more flexible but my stomach is still preventing me from doing a lot of good moves and my arms are till crap. Also Im starting to have issues with my knee again, I though it was healed and that i would not have any future problems but i was wrong. It really started hurting and just about buckled under me. I hope that maybe i can push through it and strengthen my knee or get to were I can wear my brace. Either way this isnt good.

Day 9 ~ August 21st ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
~ With the two videos combined I was able to complete maybe a total of 80% of it all. My arms/shoulders are killing me and are tired. Im starting to be able to do a lot more of the moves although I can only do a few of them at a time but its still progress. Im trying to push myself but Im not wanting to push myself to the point of getting hurt which is hard. Tomorrow is the 10th day, will be redoing my stats and my ten day pics, not looking forward to that cause I know I havent changed much.

Day 10 ~ August 22nd ~ Plyo XT
~ DAY 10 STATS ~ 
  • Weight 231.8
  • Jeans 19
  • Chest 45 inches
  • Bicep 15 inches
  • Waist 48.5 inches
  • Thighs 22.5 inches
Can you see a difference? I can!

Day 10 of Tapout XT is complete, Plyo XT is complete! I was able to complete roughly 90% of it and was shiny and sweaty at the end. Feels good to be able to do more and more and more. Cant wait till Day 30 now.

Day 11 ~ August 23rd ~ Yoga XT
~ Gotta remember what Mike says during the dvd, yoga is all about me and what I can do. I need to slow down and not push past my limits, only do what I can do. I think I may have pulled a muscle in my arm/shoulder :(  its slightly sore and Im hoping its better in the morning.

Day 12 ~ August 24th ~ Legs & Backs
~ Forgive me if my updates become short, Im getting bored with my blogs again and I will blame my ADHD. I have not wanted to workout the past couple days but I make myself anyway, its been cooling off here and Im practically cold blooded so when i get cold its hard for me to warm up or want to do anything. I rather hate it. As for tonights workout, I did it but it doesnt feel like i did much cause we had to keep stopping and dealing the the boys. Ugg anyway I need to go curl up in bed cause Im FREEZING!

Day 13 ~ August 25th ~ Cardio XT + Ulitmate Abs
~ OMG Im so looking forward to not having to workout tomorrow! Cardio can BITE ME!!!!!!!!!  Im tired, cold, sore and just really irritable right now.

Day 14 ~ August 26th ~ Rest Day
~ I cant wait to get a pair of weighted gloves, some puzzle mats and a different yoga mat. I have also spotted a pair of yoga gloves and socks on amazon that would come in handy for a lot of the moves in all the workouts. I have also came to the decision that I will be starting AM workouts tomorrow and getting up at 4:30am and starting my workout at roughly 5am. It may take a week or two to adjust to the early mornings but at least that way it will just be me working out and I wont have to deal with a 3 year old and now 7 month old.
~ Im doing better on my eating now too. Im still eating the same stuff just watching my portions and calorie intake very closely and I have added in a lot more fruits and veggies and drinking at least 100 ounces of water a day.

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