Sunday, September 2, 2012

Week 3 ~ TapouT XT

Day 15 ~ August 27th ~ Cross Core Combat
~ I am kinda sad to say that I was not able to start my early AM workouts this morning like I wanted but that is partly because my 7 month old (as of today) Trystan decided that bed time was not till midnight last night, so there was no way I was getting up to workout after only 4 and a half hours of sleep. I am actually getting ready to head to bed right now at 10pm so I can get up early. Im kinda nervous and excited to starting my solo early morning workouts. At least this way I will most likely be the only one in the gym and wont have to worry about looking like an idiot in front of anyone.

Day 16 ~ August 28th ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
~ Forgive me this may be short, Im trying to get to bed early so I can get up early and there is a scream 7 month old. Anyway Tim and I will both be most likely feeling this workout in the morning, we both get snapped by the resistance bands. He got it pretty bad on the back and I got it on the butt and back before it tangled in my pony tail, OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!  Anyway that will teach us not to use the bands without shoes.

Day 17 ~ August 29 ~ Plyo XT
~ Im still sore from yesterday and im even more sore now from today! Ive given up on trying to do AM workouts this week, I may try next week but for now its pointless cause between the two kids they wont let me go to bed early or get much sleep. oh well at least with doing the workouts in the evening its allowing me to go into a deeper sleep.

Day 18 ~ August 30 ~ Yoga XT
~ Had to skip todays workout, will be getting up in the early morning and doing it.

Day 19 ~ August 31 ~ Legs & Backs
~ Two workouts in one day to catch up, hopefully NEVER again!!!!!!! Im beat, im sore just sitting here lol thankfully tomorrow is sprawl and brawl then rest day. I also was able to order two sets of puzzle mats, each set contains 6 2'x2' squares that connects together so with the two sets we will have an area of 6'x8' covered with mat. We also ordered Fila Skele-toes shoes and toes socks to go inside of them. We still have some things that we need for our workouts but they will have to wait.

Day 20 ~ September 1 ~ Sprawl & Brawl
~ Well tonights workout was kinda a bust, I messed up my shoulder somehow with about 15 minutes left to the point that I could put any weight on it. Then when I tried to I ended up hurting my wrist. Made sure I came home and took a warm bath to let my shoulder soak. My shoulder was feeling better by the time I went to bed so thats good.

Day 21 ~ September 2 ~ Rest Day
~ Rest day and totally needed after last night. Woke up with my shoulder stiff and hurting when I would move it, been up for a while now and its better. Guess thats a hint to take it easy and not push past my boundaries. Oh well Im pretty well looking forward to week 4 since there are two new workouts.

Day ~ 22 ~ Competition Core
Day ~ 23 ~ Buns & Guns (NEW) + Ultimate Abs
Day ~ 24  ~ Muay Thai (NEW)
Day ~ 25 ~ Yoga XT
Day ~ 26 ~ Sprawl & Brawl
Day ~ 27 ~ Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs
Day ~ 28 ~ Rest Day

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