Sunday, September 16, 2012

Week 4 ~ TapouT XT

Day 22 ~ September 3 September 10 ~ Competition Core
~ Week 4 has official started and im counting down the days till day 30 and our next weigh-in. Although Im scared for it, I dont feel like Im losing anything in either pounds or inches but then it can take up to 12 weeks for changes to be seen and thats still along way to go. Tim and I talked and we think we will do a year straight of TapouT which Im really excited about that.
~ So as you can tell dates have been crossed out and post has been crossed out. Last week got seriously screwed up and was only able to complete two days of it so we decided to just restart it. I will say that Im surprised that I will push myself to the point that I feel the burn but i dont sweat that much or at least not to were i notice it. I dont even feel sore the next day anymore and Im not sure if thats a good thing or not.

Day 23 ~ September 4 September 11 ~ Buns&Guns + Ultimate Abs
Well barely made it through buns&guns but didnt make it through ultimate abs. Im not sure what is wrong but everytime I move, talk, breath or do anything sharp pains shoot through my shoulder and up my neck. Im starting to think its not a pinched nerve but maybe has to do with how i am sleeping and the mattress. Im also shivering to the point i cant hold still. Im pushing through it all and doing every home remedy I possibly can cause we literally have no money and no insurance to pay for any medical care. It sucks but I will not give up, I will take it easy and listen to my body but I will not give up.

On another note, today would have been our 30 day weight in and photos is we had worked out all last week like planned but since we skipped a week the weight in is being pushed to the 18th. 

Day 24 ~ September 5 September 12 ~ Muay Thai
~ This is by far my favorite workout! Its easy yet its hard. For once Im actually able to complete an entire workout and feel it and see the sweat. Im happy to say that Im glad my neck/shoulder loosened up and wasnt hurting when it came time. Although I believe it has something to do with how i sleep so i may be waking up in the morning stiff and in pain again. I think its time for a new mattress or something.

Day 25 ~ September 6 September 13 ~ Yoga XT
~ Totally kicked my ass! Yoga usually is pretty easy for me but apparently taking a week off did more then I thought. Only thing is Tim got a good laugh at me tonight, I went to go into one of the side plank moves and me not having the mats braced they moved out from under me and down i went. Although it either scared Trystan or he thought I was hurt cause he started crying.

Day 26 ~ September 7 September 14~ Sprawl & Brawl
~ ...~ Dont worry I did the workout just forgot to post ~...~

Day 27 ~ September 8 September 15~ Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs
~ Ugg cardio cardio cardio lol wow. You start sweating before the warm-up is even over. I may say though I love it. Although the only problem is that I cant stand to work out in regular shoes, I cant stand my new skeletoes, I HAVE to be barefoot or Im not comfortable and dont feel like I can grip the floor or mats good enough to stabilize myself with doing some of the moves. Now the problem with that is that after a while my feet start to hurt :(  I can work through it and everything and soak my feet every night buts its just the whole mind over matter thing. Oh well...anyway 30 day weight-in and measurements are Tuesday!

Day 28 ~ September 9 September 16 ~ Rest Day

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