Saturday, October 27, 2012

Been On A Workout Break

And still technically am. If you read or follow my other blog then you know why and on top of that I am also fighting off a nasty cold that my son brought home from school that i just cant seem to shake. We do have plans on picking up with week 6 when we start back but that probably will not be till November 6th which although not far away still seems like its forever away. 

Im really not looking forward to working out as it starts to get cold, yes the gym has heat but since its only a couple blocks from the house we walk there and walking in the cold with two little kids is not fun. I would be more then willing to get up early and go by myself in the morning that way the kids are still in bed and then Tim can go in the evening that way the kids dont have to leave the house but I just cant seem to get out of bed early when its cold. 

Anyway just thought I would check in and let those that are actively following know that I didnt forget to post or forget about the workout, just life happens and sometimes you have to walk away but we are not giving up.

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