Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Been A Couple Weeks...

And I have slacked on updates, need to get them in once or twice a week.

Anyway Im in week 4 now and my schedule got messed up do to Monday night/Tuesday morning only getting a few hours of sleep and not wanting to make myself even more tired from a workout when I have to drive all day I skipped my workout. Then this morning my body was so exhausted from the long day and my back killing me that I skipped again. So now I have two workouts to squeeze in this week. Im thinking tomorrow will be Buns+Guns+Ultimate Abs in the morning and Yoga that night (its originally Yoga day anyway) with Tim. Friday will be Muay Thai. Saturday will be Sprawl+Brawl. And on my rest day Sunday it will be Cardio+Abs. I will need a rest day next week so I will take Monday off and then double up workouts on Yoga day to get back on schedule and keep Sunday as my rest day.

We really need to get our mats out of the gym since doing workouts at home and getting carpet burn is none to pleasant lol and Im going to have to purchase new (and probably stronger) bands soon since I managed to snap the one band but just tied a knot in it. I will post pics in the 30 day post. Also with the release of XT2 I was really wanting to order it during the presale so I could do the free shipping but ya thats up on the 17th and we wont have the money so just gotta save the money I guess. Anyway 2 looks killer! Im excited about it but need to make it through two full rounds of 1 before I even want to attempt 2. Cant wait though for some of the ladies in my workout group on FB to start theirs so I can hear stories and get a look into how hard it really is.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

10 Days Into TapouT XT

And I refuse to record today's weigh-in. Over the weekend we lost a family friend to cancer and my cousin passed away on Sunday unexpectedly so needless to say I knew the weigh-in was going to go bad too. I typically weigh myself every Monday morning which I still am doing too. Well on Monday my scale had shown that I had lost roughly two pounds in a week which is my goal, but then when I stepped on the scale today it said I had gained that plus another pound back! I cant honestly understand how in just a couple days that happened but I do know that your weight can and will fluctuate by up to 10 pounds day to day and fluctuate by the hour too. I know that I use food to help with mourning and depression but I had been doing so good and not giving in to my cravings for junk and sweets till my cousin passed away. Since then I have had more chocolate chip cookies then I can count and so far ate half a bag of tostios scoops with jalapeno cheddar cheese dip.  Ya I know that that isnt good but I guess growing up I wasnt taught or just didnt learn a better way to deal with grief and loss. I have relied on food all my life to make me happy. I know this and I want to change it and I have tried to hard in the past couple years but bad habits are hard to break especially when you dont have the money or means to buy healthier choices for food and snack.

I guess its a good thing that I have 20 days till the next TapouT weigh-in that I need to do, although if things keep going wrong like they always seem to do then Im not expecting much from it.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

TapouT XT Reboot

I know that my goal this year was too restart TapouT XT on the first Monday of the year but it will be getting started late. We have been dealing with the kids and then a couple days before I was suppose to start I ended up with food poisoning for the first time in my life and it was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life and hope and pray to never go through that again.

So my schedule as long as I don't miss any days should be:

Round One
Day One ~ January 14th
Day 10 ~ January 23rd
Day 30 ~ February 12th
Day 60 ~ March 14th
Day 90 ~ April 13th

One Week Off

Round Two
Day One ~ April 22nd
Day 10 ~ May 1st
Day 30 ~ May 21st
Day 60 ~ June 20th
Day 90 ~  July 20th