Monday, October 1, 2012

Week 5 ~ TapouT XT

Day 29 ~ September 17 ~ Plyo XT
                September 24
~ *sigh* i get going good and get knocked right back on my ass :(  I may be out for the count this time. My right knee feels like its practically gone now. I knew months ago something was wrong but couldnt and still cant afford more unpaid medical bills, well looks like i dont have a choice now. It doesnt hurt during daily life but once I start working out and putting weight/pressure on it it kills me and feels like there is nothing there holding it and then when i sit it looks like its filled with fluid or something so im just not sure. I got half way through week 5 day 1 Plyo XT before we stopped. My fiance is going to see if he can get me into our local clinic after our son goes to school. Im hoping its just fluid build up and nothing major that may requires surgery or anything.
~ Ok so we restarted week 5 today! Im still not 100% over my cold but Ive got my energy back which is good. I do know now not to take daytime meds right before working out, major hyper boost lol anyway after a week of not working out it felt good even if I had to still take it easy and not fully do the whole thing. Now im looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 30 ~ September 18 ~ Ripped Conditioning + Ultimate Abs
                September 25
~ 30 Day weigh-in ~

Rather sucks, Dante got pretty sick maybe 10 minutes into the workout and we had to stop. Only crappy part is I think I feel like Im getting it too and I will probably get it pretty bad.We did weigh ourselves and do photos but no measurements.
~ Wow nice workout! Im able to keep pace and do the full workout but with a few extra breaks due to still having phlegm in my throat from my cold. But Im more looking forward to tomorrow then anything!

~ Day 30 Stats ~

  • Weight ~ 228.4
  • Jean Size ~
  • Chest ~ 42
  • Bicep ~ 14
  • Waist ~ 48
  • Thighs ~ 21

Day 31 ~ September 19 ~ Muay Thai
                September 26
~ Still by far my favorite workout! But man did I not realize just how sore the back of my arms were from Ripped Conditioning lol I really cant wait to be able to buy some weighted gloves and really make my arms work, I also want to buy a couple sets of resistance bands and leg bands for Tim and I but that may not happen till next year since I have Halloween costumes to buy and then Christmas and bday gifts to try and buy.

Day 32 ~ September 20 ~ Yoga XT
                        September 27

Day 33 ~ September 21 ~ Legs & Back 
                September 28

Day 34 ~ September 22 ~ Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs
                September 29

Day 35 ~ September 23 ~ Rest Day
                September 30
~ Ok you will have to forgive me cause I didnt keep up with my post and updating each day after my workout :(  Anyway will remember to keep updated from here on out :)

Week 6 ~
~ Plyo XT
~ Ripped Conditioning + Ultimate Abs
~ Cross Core Combate (will probably be combined with yoga due to being out of town)
~ Yoga XT
~ Buns & Guns + Ultimate Abs
~ Sprawl & Brawl
~ Rest Day

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