Monday, August 13, 2012

TapouT XT Starts Today!

And lets just say Im more nervous and scared then anything else. I was supper excited when it came in the mail and now that its time to start it Im scared. I have been lurking in the support group for it on Facebook and what some of the others that are doing it are saying about it I know I wont be able to make it through a full workout for some time but I guess as long as I push my self at it and do my best then thats all I can do and thats all that matters. 3 months/12 weeks/90 days. How ever you look at it, this will be a long journey and I hope it starts my new life that I need.

Week 1 Calendar

  • Day 1 ~ Cross Core Combat
  • Day 2 ~ Strength & Force Upper + Ultimate Abs
  • Day 3 ~ Plyo XT
  • Day 4 ~ Yoga XT
  • Day 5 ~ Legs & Back
  • Day 6 ~ Sprawl & Brawl
  • Day 7 ~ Rest Day
Day 1 Stats
  • Weight ~ 233.6
  • Jean Size ~ 19/20
  • Chest ~ 44 inches
  • Bicep ~ 15.5 inches
  • Waist ~ 49 inches
  • Thigh ~ 24 inches


  1. Hey Nicolle

    I know I'm late to it, but a congrats on starting down this path to health and fitness! :)

    I started Tapout XT yesterday and it totally kicked my arse. I managed to do a total of 15 minutes out of 49. If I'd have continued with it, I literally would have passed out.

    What I'm saying is, you're not the only one that will be and has been struggling with it. Let's egg each other on, all right? I'll be visiting to see how we've been doing as I climb up the days.



    1. Sorry just know seeing this lol I keep forgetting to check for comments. Anyway I remember my first day and yes its hard but Im also the kind of person that will push myself to the brink of just about passing out. Just remember to keep pushing play and as Mike says there is not quit in TapouT but there is a pause button lol