Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Correction This Is My New Plan LOL

Ya so I have dumped some parts and added to other parts of the plan I talked about on Monday.  First with the elliptical ~ I stated last time that I would be doing two 30 minute intense workouts on it but have cute it down to two 15 minute intense workouts with a goal to burn at least 200 calories per 15 minutes before upping to either a longer time or higher resistance.  Second my strength training ~ I had my typical routine that I had been sticking to since I started working out but I have been slowing adding more strength exercises to were I am up to training for 45 minutes a day.  Today's morning workout marked half way for the week, or 3 our of 6 workouts.  Im glad that I am finally sticking to this and all I keep saying to myself is that I will be better when I reach my goal.  I also think I will start posting pics of my scale weekly too but have to wait till Monday for that.

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